About Us

We are a technology integration company in Okinawa founded in March 2021 having three global partner companies in Tokyo (Pacific Highway Japan Ltd.), Hong Kong (Pacific Highway Ltd.) and Coventry (Pacific Highway U.K. Ltd.).

We have our business focus in three areas to help customers to move to the next business stage with success;

System Development and Support Services: ICT, AI, IoT, Blockchain and Metaverse to Japan domestic customers.

Industry Outbound Services: Overseas business development support services to Japan domestic customers.

Technology Inbound Services: Japan market entry support services to foreign ICT customers.

SDGs: We are a formal Okinawa SDGs partner registered by Okinawa Prefecture Government in 2022.  Our key focus areas are as follows;

– Create job opportunities for Persons with disabilities

– Ensure the origin of products – Traceability over blockchain

– Natural agriculture approach – Agri-tech – Carbon emission issue

We successfully delivered an Okinawa public IT project in the fiscal year 2021, ended on Mar. 31, 2022.